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Jim Palmer Trucking
Class A CDL Company
truck driver
COMPANY DRIVERS Jim Palmer Trucking is actively pursuing qualified company drivers to participate in our 100% controlled-temperature over-the-road operation. All of Jim Palmer's trailers are capable of refrigerating (reefers) every load, but not all loads must be temperature regulated. This provides additional flexibility between dry vanloads and reefer loads depending on demand. Operations include no Hazardous Material (Haz-Mat) and 99% no touch freight. Jim Palmer pays for all lumpers to load and unload goods, but occasionally drivers are required to move a box or inspect freight. Pay Package: Jim Palmer Trucking pays wages on all dispatched miles driven, loaded or empty, based on years of verifiable over the road experience and employment stability. Earn up to $65,500 a year depending on experience and longevity. Other advantages include: No cost rider policy Meticulously maintained late-model equipment Referral bonus Medical benefits available This 42-state operation boasts a long history of satisfied customers, respected employees, and beautiful equipment. Since the beginning as a driver, Jim Palmer has actively participated in the daily operations of the proud company. His personal attitude resonates throughout the company by showing his respect for employees, driving professionals, and equipment. Drivers are the core of Jim Palmer Trucking, without drivers the company literally grinds to a halt. Applicants Requirements: Applicants are required to be 21 years of age and have a Class A CDL. Have six months of verifiable over the road experience in the last three years or three years of verifiable OTR experience in the last five years. Over-the-road experience is defined as interstate travel (traveling between multiple states) for more than one day at a time, preferably several at one time. Local runs allow drivers to remain within a single state and spend each night at home. No cost rider policy applies to all drivers. However, riders are limited to significant others and children over the age of 12. Children can only ride during summer months. Call Today! All and the No Overtheroad capable Earn BACH_a33d1a BETS_ARC_Setter include a MYK62683JR

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